Vegetarian Food Guide: What to Eat When You Don’t Eat Meat

Vegetarianism is the lifestyle in which consumption of animal meat and byproducts is not included in the diet. Some vegetarians either consume dairy products or eggs, while some do not include them in their diets at all. This is because dairy products and eggs are animal byproducts. Some vegetarians are strict when it comes to the composition or ingredients of their food. For example, some are aware that cakes and some other sweets contain eggs and certain gelatins derived from animals. Although there are those who are either unaware or just couldn’t care any less about it, this can be quite an issue for certain vegetarians.

The reasons why vegetarians don’t eat meat is for various reasons. These reasons include health-related issues, religion, politics, and ethics. Other religions practice the extreme respect for life of all forms, even microscopic organisms, and would prefer to consume fruits or products from plants, not the plant itself. In politics, however, some go vegetarian as a sign of protest or perhaps as some kind of propaganda. In ethics, it is somewhat the same reason as religion and politics, only that it is not strictly enforced and depends on the vegetarian’s point of view.

For example, some of these vegetarians think that animal slaughter is brutal and that these animals should be given rights. However, unlike those with political concerns, the reason they become vegetarian is based on their principles, and they are not usually public about it. With health-related issues, people become vegetarians after realizing the negative effects of animal meat and byproducts on the human body. There are a lot of chemicals, preservatives and unhealthy fats found in these foods, and these can be carcinogenic and even toxic to the body.

So, what to eat when you don’t eat meat? For one, there are fruits. These contain natural basic sugars, such as fructose. Unlike processed sugar, fructose can be easily metabolized and is likely to cause diabetes. There are various ways to enjoy eating fruits. One of these ways is eating fruits with bread as if like a sandwich.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy eating fruits is making fruit salads. However, this is only for those vegetarians who are okay with eggs and dairy products. Another way to enjoy fruits is to make smoothies out of them or blend them into fruit shakes. The next types of foods for those who do not want to eat meat are vegetables.

Vegetable salads, vegetable soups and stir-fried vegetables are merely one of the various ways to enjoy them. Whole grains are also good, since they contain a lot of carbohydrates, which are needed by the body. Healthy fats, such as coconut oil and milk, can be enjoyed as ice cream, but then again, only ovo-lacto vegetarians, or vegetarians who are okay with the consumption of eggs and dairy products, can actually enjoy them at this form.

There are various ideas on what to eat when you don’t eat meat. Food is something needed, but it should also be enjoyed. How can you eat if you do not enjoy your food? A little creativity and a proper mind set can help one to enjoy foods that, even at first glance, do not seem so appetizing.


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