The Vegetarian Diet – Benefits Vegetarianism Provides to People Who Meditate

The vegetarian diet promotes the health and wellness of the body, mind, and soul and contributes to the ecology of the planet. The vegetarian diet helps in meditation. The vegetarian diet has spiritual benefits.

Being vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, or living on a raw food, organic, or natural food diet also causes least destruction to our planet. Some people are concerned about the ecology of the planet and realize how wasteful it is to raise food for animal feed. Some reject killing animals for food. Some have read about the antibiotics being fed to animals and don’t want those antibiotics in their own bodies. However, there is another reason that people turn to vegetarianism a spiritual one.

A lacto vegetarian diet allows us to get needed nutrients while causing the least amount of harm to other life. Animals do not need to be killed in order for us to eat dairy products, and, even if they are not fertile, eggs represent a life form. By choosing a vegetarian diet we are helping to keep our mind and body pure.

A vegetarian diet is good for your body. Many doctors recommend it as a means of preventing heart disease and breast cancer. A number of researchers have explored the effects of diet on the mind. Studies involving animals reveal that those fed a vegetarian diet were calmer and more peaceful than those fed meat. Deciding to go veg is good for the planet. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef.

However, the greatest benefits of a plant-based diet are spiritual. To concentrate in meditation, we need to be calm and collected. If we eat animals, our own consciousness will be affected. The vegetarian diet is based on non-violence and respect for all creation. When we are non-violent, we are loving to all life forms. This helps our mind remain calm and filled with peace so we can meditate more easily and reap the benefits meditation brings.

Tina T Willer, MBA has been a vegetarian for over 22 years. She is the author of many Articles and E-books on Personal Finance, Healthy Living, Meditation and Love. She is living proof of how the delicious vegetarian diet can aid one in staying healthy and fit. Tina is an also an avid meditator and a self-made millionaire. She believes it is important to be healthy and fit physically, spiritually and financially. Her experiential advice has aided hundreds of people from all walks of life, become more healthy in all these areas.


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