Springtime Vegetarian Menu

Springtime Vegetarian Nutritional Guide

Springtime is the optimal season to enjoy a diet plentiful in fresh fruit and vegetables. Meal choices can allow for a wide selection of the best seasonal produce available. When the weather is warming up, vegetarians can enjoy ripe fruit and crispy salads that are fresh and flavorful.
Vegetarians often have a difficult time obtaining several nutrients because they are mostly found in animal foods. The following daily supplements may be helpful to those who abstain from animal products: Vitamin B12 (200 mcg), iron (25 mg), and calcium (600 mg). B12 is vital in metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, the coverings of nerves, and keeping the blood cell count high. Iron is also a factor in preventing anemia and calcium is vital for nerve impulses and bone health. If one does partake of animal proteins, it is best to eat only a small amount of dairy and eggs. By minimizing protein from animal sources, the body is better able to cleanse itself.

Vegetarians should use the following percentages to acquire their daily caloric and nutritional needs. These percentages will reduce triglyceride levels, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

□ 25-35 % whole grains

□ 25-35 % vegetables

□ 12-15 % legumes

□ 10-15 % fruit

□ 5-10 % nuts and seeds

□ 10-15 % dairy products and eggs

Here is a weekly meal plan that utilizes the above portions and seasonal produce:

Breakfast- cereal with soymilk and bananas

Lunch- Rye bread with cheese, oranges, and vegetable sticks

Dinner- Curried carrot soup, artichokes, and strawberries


Breakfast- yogurt and grapefruit with whole wheat toast

Lunch- trail mix and field salad

Dinner- Couscous with brussel sprouts, and lentil soup


Breakfast- energy bar with protein smoothie

Lunch- whole wheat pasta salad

Dinner- vegetarian burritos with fresh salsa


Breakfast- apples with tofu scramble

Lunch- fresh vegetable sandwiches with tomato fennel soup

Dinner- Bean stew over brown rice, cauliflower curry and fresh raita


Breakfast- oatmeal with apples and dates

Lunch- vegetable sushi

Dinner- portabella burgers with asparagus spears


Breakfast- cereal and soymilk

Lunch- Brown rice, collard greens, stuffed mushrooms

Dinner- Veggie burgers on whole wheat bun, cabbage, and beets


Breakfast- veggie soy sausage omelet

Lunch- hummus dip with veggies and strawberries

Dinner- Oriental stir fry over quinoa, fruit and cheese plate


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