Best 7 Philadelphia Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans

Best 7 Philadelphia Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans

Philadelphia is well-known for its happening restaurants, and the city has hundreds of eateries serving delicious cuisines, ranging from Italian and Arabic to gourmet French and Indian dishes.While Philadelphia is perhaps best known for its cheese steaks and a number of other non-vegetarian food items, a number of restaurants serve mouthwatering vegetarian food too. While some of the establishments serve exclusively vegetarian and vegan food, others serve vegetarian food along with non-vegetarian dishes.

For vegetarian people looking for a good dining experience in Philadelphia, the following are the best Philadelphia restaurants to visit:

Zinc Cafe

This is a small restaurant hidden away on a small street. It has a nice inviting decor and a menu that balances fancy foods with the staple vegetarian fare. The service is a great change: you don’t have zombie waiters, but warm hearted servers who help you choose the food and make you feel comfortable and settled. Make sure you make a reservation before you arrive at their doorstep; it usually full!

The Couch Tomato

As the name suggests, this is a no one of your conventional eateries. It is the place for people who are health conscious, but also like good taste. The service is average, but with dishes like the spinach dip and hummus platters that taste a whole lot better than they sound, it is easily the best in terms to food quality. They also do catering and allow you to create your own list of foods from their menu.

Patterson’s Palace

Okay, if you are a non-vegetarian trying to give up non-veg food, this is the place you should start eating at. No, it will not show you how well vegetarian foods taste although they taste different than meat; it will perfectly recreate the taste of most non-veg dishes and there is no way you can tell the difference! The ambiance and service are top-notch and it’s a great place to spend an evening out with the family.

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

This is best of all Philadelphia restaurants for natural vegetarians; it doesn’t try and make vegetarian food taste and smell like meat. It doesn’t look like much from outside, but once you enter you will be flabbergasted by the interior, the wonderfully decorated tabled and well-present food.

Banana Leaf
This is the kind of restaurant knowing natives frequent. Not only does it serve authentic vegetarian fare, it is also serves huge portions and you get value for money. You will not be able to believe the various ways in which rice and curry can be cooked to taste totally different!

Memphis Taproom
This is a great place to go when you are late and want to catch a drink and eat some snacks. Mostly they are ready to serve food till late and its ambiance is perfect for conversation and people watching.


It is one of the oldest vegetarian Philadelphia restaurants, and it’s gotten even better with new decor and furnishings. This place serves fresh vegetarian food at low rates.


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