About Vegetarianism – Health Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

About Vegetarianism – Health Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

More than just a call for a healthy diet, vegetarianism is a campaign in itself. The choice to become a vegetarian for most of these people are beyond health or medical, they could be any one (or a combination) of the following:

1) Ethical
There are those who believe that eating meat and animal products encourage cruelty to animals, hence many opt to go for a vegetarian diet to support the campaign to fight for animals’ rights

2) Religious
Depending on the particular religious organization one belongs in, there are those who prohibit the eating of meats and there are also those who fully advocate vegetarianism as part of their teaching

3) Environmental
Many believe that “killing” animals for human food consumption will create an imbalance in the ecosystem, fully recognizing the important role that animals play in the environment’s natural cycle

4) Economical
There are those who support a vegetarian diet because they believe it is an economical way to curb the world’s problem with starvation

5) Cultural
Simply put, some cultures prefer vegetarian diet over meat

6) Personal
It could be a person’s own choice to partake in a vegetarian diet for health reasons as eating animal products have been known to lead to health problems

There are medical records that prove the fact that too much consumption of meat can lead to several health complications. To health-conscious people, there is no better reason than this to turn to a vegetarian diet.

A diet that includes meat and dairy products can easily lead to the contraction of certain diseases such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis. Meanwhile, animals could also serve as carriers for contagious viruses such as salmonella (for chicken), germs, and residues of drugs infused into the animals when they were still alive. Acquiring these diseases will certainly reduce the quality of life, if not pose real threat to one’s overall health.

On the other hand, tests have proven that eating vegetables and fruits will help boost your immune system. Having a healthy immune system will certainly improve your body’s ability to fight off viruses that are leading causes of illnesses.

If you have noticed, vegetarians sport a slimmer and leaner frame as opposed to those with much meat in their diets. This is because of the high level of saturated fat present in most meats, while leafy vegetables do not carry that extra cholesterol. Plus, the latter contains most of the necessary nutrients for our body including minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Today, there are alternatives for vegetarian diets that enable you to enjoy your meal without the unnecessary fats or cholesterol. Vegetarian meat is widely available in the market today, which consists of wheat, assorted vegetables, and oats. It can be used as a substitute for regular patties, and they taste just as good so you can enjoy your vegetarian burger. There are also vegetarian sausages made of soy; they do not look and taste much different from the real sausages.


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