A Negative Calorie Foods List – Can Foods Really Have Negative Calories?

A Negative Calorie Foods List – Can Foods Really Have Negative Calories?

There are a whole lot of negative calorie foods available in the market if we know what to look for. There has been some misconception regarding the “negative calorie” term. This means it is essentially a food with negative energy- a conception practically impossible. But there is a whole variety of food with almost zero calories. Intake of such foods actually forces the body to burn up the excess calories stored as body fats as the energy in the food itself is very meager for us to carry on our daily work schedule. There are also some foods available that increase our body’s metabolism rate and so in turn it burns up the excess energy. This is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly, but close monitoring of health condition is absolutely necessary to avoid any health problems later.

Negative calorie foods can be categorized as follows.

Fruits: Fruits are one of the best calorie lowering foods available easily. Proper intake of certain fruits can be very helpful. These are natural solutions and can be taken without almost any side effect. They are vegetarian in nature and well adjust to anyone’s body. There is a long list of fruits that can be taken as negative calorie food. Here are a few.

Cranberries, Orange, grapefruit, apples, mango, raspberries, tangerine, pineapple, lemon, Strawberries etc

. Vegetables: vegetables in our diet are also essential to keep our calorie down. But there are a few vegetables that helps further reduce the body fats. They are as follows:

Carrot, onion, dandelion, cabbage (green), lettuce, garlic, Asparagus, Cauliflower, endive, cucumber, garden cress, celery, beet, green beans, Chile peppers (hot), broccoli

There are also a number of artificially produced substitutes like packaged fruit drinks, slimming drinks, diet drinks, oatmeal etc. that are available in the market. These foods also help to reduce the body fats by a considerable amount.

Theory around negative calorie

The term as it seems is not true to its meaning. But it serves its purpose. Actually a very interesting phenomenon happens behind the scene. Say, our body needs 50 calories to breakdown a particular food into usable energy form, whereas it gains maybe 200 calories after digesting that particular food. So the excess 150 calories are stored in our body as fat tissue. On the other hand, if we intake a food which takes the body maybe 50 calories to digest but only gets 10 calorie in return. So body loses 40 calories, which is supplied from the body fats. So at least the concept of “eating our way through fat” is theoretically very much plausible.

Diet: the diet consists of mainly either wholly raw or very lightly cooked vegetables with almost no spices. The body burns lots of calories while processing the raw or almost raw food. Other foods burn more calories by affecting certain parts of the body to secrete particular enzymes which in turn, increase the body’s metabolism.

These foods are also low in these essential nutrients as well. So it would be advisable for all who want to take such diets to take supplementary multi- vitamin and multi-mineral tablet. An advice from physician or health expert will be better to understand the diets that one should take so as not to hard oneself in any other way.


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